Monday, April 28, 2008

My laptop screen crashed and Dell is fixing it but that is why I have not posted. In addition, my "free" time and I use the term loosely, has been dedicated to making my sister's business hit big. I am sure within weeks, I will be posting about how I am on the payroll. Good thing, since the callouses from cutting, sticking and tagging are getting so bad I need to see a specialist (or maybe just a manicure will do). Anyhow this week is the big crunch week and we are trying to get out of town by Thursday noonish for the beach. Should be a little like a triathlon: run this way, swim upstream and then coast downhill---I hope.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

6 unimportant things

Ok I did not follow ALL the rules because I have no one to tag. But I will list my 6 unimportant things about myself.

1. My OCD personality does not extend to the refrigerator. You would think that with all of my organized and neat behavior patterns that I would obsessively keep the fridge neat, but instead it is a place where all things must fend for themselves and if you open it and something falls out- oh well. I can not keep a pattern of where the leftovers go, and the drinks and what not. In my ideal world, I will be asked to help design a fridge for people because I have lots of ideas.

2. Along those lines, I greatly desire a class in learning how to fold sheets. I have tried you tube videos, written directions, etc. to no avail. Someday I hope to attend maid school for dummies and have someone teach me.

3. Being 5ft2 it would surprise many people that I played basketball my freshman year in high school. Suffice it to say, it was both my first and last year. :)

4. I don't believe in dessert that does not contain chocolate. Every ice cream that I purchase must contain chocolate, my muffins that I make with flax and oat bran must be sinfully adorned with it, and my breakfast location of choice would be France so I could have pain du chocolat every day. It is by far more than an addiction and could be considered clinical. In my little world, it is used for self-medicating. It calms my nerves, energizes me at times, reminds me of the sweet things in life, and helps to celebrate. We flew to Florida (my extended family of 11) and got off the plane with 6 kids, picked up an assortment of dinner entrees right before my Nana's funeral and my only request was two chocolate bars. Who cares what the kids eat as long as I have chocolate and most especially in times of stress?

5. I am a beach snob. I LOVE the beach and refuse to compromise much when it comes to our vacation. I prefer to be oceanfront with a nice beach house and a pool, walking distance to some stuff (like ice cream shop-see note above), beautiful sand, no loud music or partying kids, a great kitchen, I could go on and on. We usually rent through VRBO and head to Hilton Head. My sister just bought a condo there and it is great. I hope someday to live full time at the beach.

6. I am working on liking classical music but secretly prefer to sing a long to ANYTHING. I do not sing well but that does not stop me from singing privately. I am however smart enough to keep it there and have NEVER done karaoke.

Well -there is my list. Hope it entertains the few friends and family that this blog was set up for.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally Friday

I am having one of those weeks where I am so glad it is finally Friday. And it is my niece's first birthday. Hardly seems a year ago I was at the hospital watching her enter the world, yet it so many ways life has changed so much in year. My infant is now walking a few steps, my nana died, my oldest will be ten in a few weeks--where does the time go? This month I plan to slow down a little and make sure my life is not one blur as I watch my last child graduate from college.

Today Bryn and I are heading to Whole Foods to get gluten free things to try for two weeks. We have done blood work and allergy tests with no results. But if you know the story about the man who asked God why he didn't save him and God replied he had sent three ways for the man to get off the roof, that is how I felt yesterday. Literally bonked on the head and reminded I am not in charge and smart helpful people are around me every day. After a very frustrating experience at the dtrs office and a nightmare at the allergy center, we are looking for a few answers as to why Bryn is so overwhelmed and explosive at times. I have chalked it up to age, new babies and finally felt I had to pursue some answers. I was beginning to think that it was parenting coupled with low blood sugar. Then two people mentioned wheat which after my week seemed unlikely. I mean the allergy test showed no wheat allergy. I was "connected" with my AH HA person yesterday (thanks Katrina). She described exactly the same behavior patterns and confirmed my belief that food has everything to do with how you feel and re-act. We do NO food coloring, no boxed food, 80% organic and to be told by a dtr that food does not affect behavior. Don't get me wrong, I thought she was crazy but after yesterday's conversation, I realized that food intolerances could exist. So- we are off to Whole Foods at lunch to see if this helps. For a carb addict like Bryn, this could be hard so we are going to make it special. Just us and the baby as she picks out her snacks. The focus will be on all the things she can have plenty of.

Later today we are headed to Anita's birthday party with no food coloring (thanks Kristin) and a fun filled afternoon. We will conclude our day with soccer practice. The forecast is now rain tomorrow so this practice will serve as a game for the competitive dads. We are scrimmaging a great team. Last we will end our day as every Friday night during our two soccer seasons a year, with a trip to Moe's. We usually end up with at least 3-4 families including 11-15 kids. So if you are looking for a peaceful place to eat on Friday evening might I suggest you not enter a Moe's.(This is for all those people who look at us funny as though we are interrupting their date- spring for a little more than Moe's if you want a nice an quiet atmosphere to impress someone).

I am off to begin my day which never starts this quietly with a hot tub dip, breakfast and a clean kitchen. WOW- it is going to be a great day.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crazy weekend

Let me begin with Saturday. I only ending up coaching for about 5 mins. The rain ended our game quickly as 4/5 year old girls don't feel compelled to play rain or shine. Thank goodness!! On the other hand, Denali's team continued to play until the end. She played great and even scored a goal off a beautiful pass. Her team this week was comprised of a lot of substitute players from her indoor league. They looked great together after many winter games and several tournaments. Anyway, Michael was praising the girls as the sirens went off. That WOULD be the weather sirens. Did he encourage the girls and families to leave the field? No, as a matter of fact, it was the second siren that convinced him to mosey along towards the car. By the time the rest of the games were cancelled, we were all soaked and I was wearing Keaton on my back with a dollar store rain poncho and an extra hole cut out for his head. Too bad I don't have a picture for this. A quick rearrangement of car seats, and Kristin and I took the babies to Costco. Saturday evening was spent at my mom's for dinner with her childhood best friend. Lots of laughter and fun.

Now to Sunday. Abbey and clan arrived at 10:30AM (I specify AM for a reason). I think we knew the leather seat conversion was going to be a challenge when after three hours, they guys came in asking about sewing, heavy duty needles and not really having done any of the seats yet. Three meals, a trip to the ice cream store, an amazing sewing job by Abbey, a twelve pack (in fairness, I believe there are some left), next year's school plan for all the kids, and a lot of laughter, everyone left about 11:30PM. I think I heard that Abbey was not getting any more DIY gifts for any occasion. Also, it was determined that the reason no directions were included might be that it was not really meant to be a job done in a driveway under incredibly obnoxious work lights at 11PM. Thanks to Abbey and Ian, we will have many fond memories of a very funny circumstance.

This week pales in comparison to our weekend. Dentist appts, grocery store trips and a visit from the In-laws this weekend. We are finishing up projects and planning our next trip to Hilton Head in two weeks. Also, we are figuring out what school things need to be finished before June 1 and what will be completed by Sept 1. I have a new plan for next year that I plan to publish here shortly but hopefully it will ease my work load for planning and give me more time for actual schooling. Denali does not like time frames usually but instead page amounts to do. I am trying to convert her this year. Abbey and I discovered that if we followed TWTM, we would do school for 7 1/2 hrs a day in fifth grade. WOW! Not happening but a good place to strive for. Michael is waiting for me to watch Boston Legal with him so I will close for now.

PS Denali learned a little about physics today as she dumped Keaton over in the driveway after tying her scooter to his tricycle and then trying to turn a corner very sharply. In her defense, she came inside after all was calm and we concluded that Keaton did not have a concussion, to apologize and explain she should probably test her idea without hi next time. I appreciate her learning the scientific method plan. :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Indian food

Those of you who know me realize that I have trouble asking for help. But in this case it is not for me. My sister began her own spice business late last year selling homemade Indian spices and they are AWESOME. She is selling them locally right now but is taking the plunge to sell them at a food and speciality convention here in ATL soon. The amount of people expected to attend is like 8000 and some big foodie people like Paula Deen. Ok so here's the request. She has one month to make enough spices to sell here, create and print any marketing material, set up and tear down the weekend of May 3 and 4 ( I will be out of town or would be on this detail), and any other brilliant ideas any of you have to help her make it BIG. If you know of someone local who wants to volunteer any extra time in the next month in return for learning how to start your own business or go crazy trying (hmm-perhaps a book idea if success is not found at this convention) ---please contact me. She will need help in a rented kitchen space preparing and you must be meticulous in measuring, she needs printing done and she has been struggling with design issue since her GREAT design guy just took a promotion. Anyway, any inside info, advice, people --will take anything since we plan on her hitting it big after this. Ok so maybe I am in it for a free week at the beachfront home I am helping her pick out when she becomes rich and famous :) so any up and coming marketing majors, entrepreneurs, or just plain people with a love for food- come join our mad rush for success. If not, please check out her website which is linked here for ordering any spice packets. Tomorrow's topic: Soccer or Rain???

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Today I have finished my spring cleaning. Well, we won't count the attic. Yesterday we did Dr. appts. Bryn is very healthy and yes she is 6 months overdue but in my defense, she hasn't been sick or we would have been aware that she did not have her 7 year check up. Denali had her teeth cleaned yesterday. The others have their appt for teeth in two weeks. I somehow missed our scheduled appt while we were at the beach. I tried to go on Good Friday thinking that was my appt day, however; in hindsight I see I should have remembered they are closed on all Fridays but most especially on this particular one. I thought I had it all together, even with four children, until this week.
Back to Spring cleaning, I have touched all the clothing in the house and rid myself of anything not worn in the last 6 months, a huge challenge for me because I envision myself someday having enough time to iron and dress up, but also while the clothes I have in my closet are still fashionable. Of course the reality is I need exactly what I left hanging in my closet, tons of shirts and jeans. Claudia came to help me today and we tackled the linen closets and the laundry room. All winter things have been packed away so bring on the 32F weather Monday morning. We will all just layer our shorts and shirts while wrapping in blankets.
I have been reading Katrina's blog enviously as she swims with dolphins and relaxes on her cruise. Glad I have been to the beach recently.
Last week was testing week and we got very little accomplished besides that. This week we have been working on a Latin project and catching up on everything. I have decided to move Bryn along a little faster in math. She thinks about math in an unconventional way but arrives at the correct answer quickly. She must get that from her father as I need a calculator for all occasions. Denali has consumed an amazing amount of books (which I will update this weekend).
Tomorrow we are hoping to get in soccer if the rain can hold out and as of right now our plan is for me to coach Keelin's team Saturday morning. A mental picture might be good here. I have NEVER coached any other games or practices of which I have attended upwards of at least 200+ and I don't even understand offsides. On the upside, it is Keelin's age group which means my job is to keep them moving and preferably on the field that is designated to us. Oh, the twist- I must have Keaton on my back. Michael will be simultaneously coaching Denali's game on a field far away and can not be trusted to coach and watch the baby. Heck, he has trouble being IT in the house under baby proofed conditions. Well, think of me at 8am Saturday as I run around with a baby, a ball, and 8 other 4-5 year old girls on a field that if the weather man is accurate (yes, I know a big IF) will be under several inches of water.
Sunday's plan includes helping friend reupholster the car seats with new leather ones. This could be the end of a lovely friendship or an amazing bonding experience we will remember forever. Thanks Abbey for always providing us with learning opportunities. Michael is also to finish up the wall this weekend. All that is left is painting so it may never get done. Why he would rather measure 20 times and cut once as opposed to rolling paint which in my book is immediate gratification and requires no headache, I will never know. Also I am going to try a little block planning for school this week. This will mean we will work on one or two subjects a day but for longer periods. We are a little bored with our plan and need to change it up a bit to get through the next few weeks. Our current plan is to finish "school days" in May and then do only 2 hrs a day for the summer. Last year, we took the summer off and it was not successful. Everyone was grumpy by noon because they had been together all morning with no focus. I am heading to bed as I worked like a marine today, got more done by 8 then some people do all day. But I will sleep well knowing that if we were to host an impromptu party for 50 people, I could find all of the things I needed and the tent that would have to sleep all of them. :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Darcy has me up and running so I know what I will be doing tonight- adding to my beautiful page. I marvel at the talent and understanding of people with brain's that work in this way. I am still trying to get to know my ipod. I bought a new book last night after our family date with dinner and the bookstore. The book assures me I can make the ipod more than I ever thought. That is good because I am having trouble with the new itouch options. It is much too smart for me but not anymore..... We are in spring cleaning mode around here and hope to be done by this weekend. The pollen is thick and coating everything so while the temperature and lack of bugs is perfect, it is hard to want to go outside. Baby is up. Will continue later.