Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons I should not hold a Corporate Job

1.I could not sit still anymore (developed ADD from having kids)
2.I could not multi task at home while at an office.
3.I could not eat whenever I want.
4.I could not control my hours.
5.I could not control my Ac/heat.
6.I could not wear pajamas when I don't fel like getiing dressed (you be amazed at how professional I can sound in my pajamas).
7.I could not go on vacation when I decide I need a day off.
8.I could not continue to nurse on demand.
9.I could not homeschool the kids (except on take your children to work day).
10.I could not deal with the NON-OCD people in any office.
11.I could not ever complete the paper work in order to receive insurance and re- evaluate it every other month,
12.I could not disturb all the senior shoppers at Kroger on Wednedays by taking all 4 children with me.
13. I am WAY too producitve to work under someone else ( my 40 hrs is like other people's 80)

Friday, July 25, 2008







Music, Art, Shakespeare



Copywork and Dictation


Fabulous Friday

OK, so I did not get to my Thursday Thirteen list but that is because last night Denali played a soccer game at the Atlanta Silverback's stadium ( not the big field but still) and then Michael went to poker. So I took the time that everyone was sleeping (or gambling) to prepare for Homeschool Expo. It is my favorite day of the year. It is like how the kids feel about Christmas. I get to choose books to inspire my kids for an entire year. A lofty goal but always up for the challenge, I went with could only be categorized as very brilliant people. Abbey and Katrina were present to help inspire and guide me. I even managed to rid myself of children so I could truly focus on the job at hand. It was as I have described for the last few years,as though I am diabetic and dropped into a candy store. It is AMAZING what is available for learning. I walked the aisles after my first large buying spree at Rainbow Resource with Abbey and Katrina hunting for the last of m list and anything that inspired me. I am lucky enough to have such great friends that they like me in spite of my OCD tendencies. I am obsessed with finishing the purchasing this weekend. So much so that I was incredibly disappointed that I could not find Denali's history. Katrina said she would give me hers to plan with until mine came in the mail if that would help. Very thoughtful. Then Abey returned to the scene after reviving with a little caffeine and found the book I was looking for. Not only that but what kind of lucky girl am I that she would even drop it on my doorstep on her way home. I feel so loved and so very COMPULSIVE. But, happy to have it. Last thing on my list is to order Denali's Latin and then I believe I am done. Thought I would include the pictures I had to take to document our upcoming year. Not ALL of this was bought today but the majority was and yes it was heavy to lug around but I took a rolling suitcase. The pictures above say it all. Thank goodness this only occurs once a year!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer and the Livin' is easy

We returned on Saturday from another trip to the beach. We went to St Simon's with the Lipscomb family. I had great plans about posting beautiful pictures but we did not have time for photos. What --no time for photos, let me explain. We left Tuesday morning with 7 passengers and a very full car. When I say full I mean our feet don't touch the floor and the kids must arrange themselves in the vehicle like a tetras puzzle. We managed to get down there and surprise Melanie with Sarah in our car. She came along for the fun or to discourage her from having kids too early, which we are sure she already knew was not a great plan because she is smarter than any 19 year old I know but still. Everyone was surprised and the fun began. Many trips to the beach, an outing for lunch just the girls, a fishing expedition just the boys, eating and more eating, etc... But this sounds like everyone's normal vacation until you find out that this crew includes 8 children 7 adults and a dog. It is not that easy to even get this many people out a door, no less anywhere together. We managed to keep 8 children mostly happy and that is why we did not have any extra hands to take pictures. When it ws time to pack up, we realized we could have been much faster had we turned on the music earlier, well except we also stalled and then realized next year there will have to be dancing lessons. Anyway memories were made and the 8 children returned from the trip with no sunburn so success was ours. Thanks to Matt and Mel for including us in their family vacation and we loved it. Thursday will be thirteen things Keaton learned to eat on his vacation trip. If you have strong feelings about what 18 month old kids should be eating, might avoid this post. It begins with lobster.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We have returned to the land of health. It is a lovely place you take for granted until the hwole house is under siege. We enjoyed our 4th of July quietly this weekend. We saw some fireworks and we had a cookout on Sunday but all in all it was a productive eeknd. We finished the window in the gym and installed the AC. We added another vent to the girls room so sleeping in the loft is not so hot. We installed Denali's bike gadgets she got for her birthday. We watched Nancy Drew and then played Nancy Drew all weekend. She is quite timeless you know.

As this is a record of my life, I must add that my little guy has a boy obsession iwth the shed. This particular interest fascinates me as I do not enter the shed and wait for Michael to come home to get anything out for me. It is usually messy and full of the bugs we refuse to let in our house. It is detached from the house, not air conditioned, messy, unorganized, dirty and contains many objects I never desire to know how they work--I just like thme to work. For the last week, Keaton has woken up and demanded that Michael take him out to the shed. Perhaps he feels he must be the man of the house and lose things out there also. Or he is attracted to the many motors that are out there (my mechanical engineer husband likes to collect motors in case there is something we may need to motorize in our future). Keaton does seem very intrigued with the extension cords and carries them around trying to plug them into trees and such. They take a quick tour(it has goteen a little less messy now that Michael must be out there daily) and Michael puts away a few things here and there. They return to the house and Keaton looks as if he has brought home a piece of meat to share with the family--very proud and manly. This is so new to me since the girls are not very into the shed, tools and dirt for ditrs sake. I am enjoying his boyness and glad I get to see this side of him.

We are off to piano and errands so I must wake the sleeping baby which I know is a no-no in all parts of the world but what can you do?? I will be better at keeping my life more u to date this week.