Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gliders or did I mean Rodents?

My sister is selling her spices at two trade shows this weekend and so maybe I am a little overworked and stressed out. But as Denali and I entered the row where we would be set up for the next three days, I noticed a man speaking to someone (thing). I thought he had on a bluetooth. Then looked more closely and realized it was a pet. I assumed it was a baby ferret and found it incredibly odd that you would choose to set up for a trade show while entertaining a pet. I then supposed that he might be from out of town (hoped was probably more like it) and he could not leave this rodent like animal in a hotel room. He is setting up and as we are walking through back and forth unloading, I admittedly was looking a little uncomfortable as his friend ran up and over his head but did not appear to be attached to anything. I call Michael and ask what he thinks of my first impression of this Home Show and the man with a ferret. He is not as humored as I am so I continue to move things around. After our third trip, the man decides my strange and fearful looks might be indicative of my feeling toward rodents (hate would be a very mild word) and tells the little creature to jump in his bag. I continue watching with fascination as he sets up various cages and has jars of "food" set out for sale. I now move on to the picture in my head--Ravi (brother in law and Chief Indian officer of this crazy clan) doing a cooking demo of which they have four this weekend and Michael manning the booth (all that is funny enough) and in comes the rodent creature to help stir the pot both figuratively and literally. I am imagining this GLIDER (more of the display has been put up to clearly identify said rodent) swooping in to taste a little of my sister's Indian cooking. I picture the people running away swearing never to try ethnic food again and I am cursing this little guy for ruining my retirement plan (did I mention not a lot of sleep occurred this week so my dreaming is done wide awake). Well now I am perfectly petrified with the idea of being a few booths down from this crazy scenario all weekend. I call a friend to lament about our luck in having animals and their gear for sale so near to our food and does she respond with sympathy--oh no she owned one of these rodents and named it Phoebe. So as I was trying to get excited about helping with this show, I have used all of my brain power to wonder why anyone would want to sell gliders and the very cute little homemade pouches to carry them everywhere you go. For a reality check, I would like to know how many people go to a home show and buy a glider or his paraphernalia, how does one sign up for a booth like this and better yet, in the state of the economy--will I someday be resigned to selling rodents at a home show to cover college expenses of four kids? I am deeply disturbed by this and after reading ( a must read if you want one) I am thinking at $175 each- this man is making a killing while I tagged 700 Indian Spices this week.

Lastly I would like to note this website recommends buying two unless you have plenty of time to devote to them- like the man two booths over.

Monday, November 10, 2008

House calls

It was pointed out to me this weekend that I might have it good. I am hopeful it is good karma that is making my life a little easier. Michael and I try to teach the kids that good begets good. This weekend began with stomach sickness from my little guy on Friday leading me to believe we might have a couple of cases of Strep. After canceling a bday party, upsetting the entire emotional balance of the kids and cleaning up the car seat, we determined a quick trip to the pediatrician's office was in the plan for Saturday morning.

Off we go-all 6 of us (including my doctor-phobic husband) to the pediatrician. An hour later, we have no conclusive info other than Michael's assurance we have now picked up something just by entering and lamenting why no one makes house calls.

We are lucky enough to have a hair stylist who comes to us. She lived with us for a while (my very best hair days) but has moved on only to repay us with her kindness by not making me truck 6 people to the Aveda salon. so yes, i am grateful.

But to continue with house calls, Sunday morning found us watching soccer and before the game had begun, Keaton stepped in a hole up to his thigh. He refused to stand on his own. We spent an hour deliberating our options. After returning to the house, I called our chiropractors and Dr. Kristin said she was on her way. After an adjustment, she was convinced he was fine but leery of the pain that was initial. She left after a bowl of soup and good conversation. we agreed to come by the office on Monday to be rechecked. By the way, she suggested apple cider vinegar for killing strep. Happy to imbibe with gargling in hopes that if we did not have it- we could avoid it. We will be regularly gargling this winter.

An hour later my second house call for the weekend arrived with camera slung over his shoulder. I am also lucky enough to know a photographer who will come to us and if you have ever taken kids to a photo session -wow- you know how truly blessed I am. The kids don't get all out of whack trying to leave the house in perfect condition. I just get one ready at a time and then send them to sit quietly and bribe them with TV. Matt was even gracious enough to jump in the car and do some outdoor shots. Keaton even began walking again once we were outside.

So over all our weekend was far more chaotic then planned, but I feel incredibly fortunate to have lived here long enough to have established friendships and relationships with people who are willing to put themselves out a little. Another up side is that my children see that it is no more than we would do for this great people we chose to have in our lives. But I continue to be thankful for all the wonderful people who make up my village.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sports lessons

While we homeschool and encourage cooperative behavior, we are big fans of soccer. Denali chose to move to a more competitive league this year and she has a fantastic coach. They finished their season undefeated last night, which is amazing and may never happen again in her lifetime, but I needed to point out what else we learned this season.

1. The girls had 192 shots on goal before last night's game. WOW! Imagine the odds lesson here. They scored 53. Lots of math opportunities here.

2. The total number of assists was 15- a lesson in how important a team player is for success.

3. 38 corner kicks were taken, which means a better chance at a successful goal. Another great odds figure.

4. Each player contributed to the team and each player had on and off games making it truly a team success.

We have sacrificed a lot as a family for soccer this season and it was a joy to realize last night, that in supporting Denali's passion, we have all learned something. I am excited for the next few tournaments and the indoor season. But mostly, I am excited to see my children learn from our outside activities, and hopefully satisify that endless question as to whether or not we are socialized and able to play well with others.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Holiday Give Project

Who: The People of Paraguay

What: We are the Pray family and have a cousin in the Peace Corps. She is living in Asuncion and expressed the need for better dental care in her region. For our holiday “GIVE” we decided to collect toothbrushes and toothpaste for adults and children to send to those families in need.

Where: We will collect these at our house (2407 Stonington Road, Atlanta, GA 30338), at LEAD (our home school group on Thursdays), and anytime you all see us.

When: We will collect these until December 1st. We plan to add to these packages using our kids “GIVE” money that they have saved this year.

Why: “Share the wealth” - Michael
“To teach a lesson” - Kim
“For the gift of giving” - Denali
“They’re in need” - Bryn
“Out of Love” - Keelin
“Wah wuv” - Keaton

Please feel free to forward and pass on!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where do the hours go??

Can it be November already? I feel as though my amazing resolve to be diligent in our school hours has already gone by the wayside and told my oldest today that she would be doing math before they opened Christmas presents if we did not buckle down. Last week we had a great visit with Grandma but got very little done. Well, we did make homemade cheese and went to see a play at the Alliance (those count right??). This week between voting, which could take many hours and might provide an education in and of itself, and helping my sister get ready for the big show in two weekends ( we must get some book work done. I am doing a little reading on Charlotte Mason and how to combine her thoughts in my classical approach. Everyone I have ever met that states that they follow the Charlotte Mason approach appeals to me from the calm demeanor they have with their children. Spent today outside holding Denali and her friend captive on the see saw while I read to them the rules for a happy family life. We discussed the art of being respectful to all family members, the art of slaying your own dragons (making a plan to work on your not so perfect charactersitics), and the need to happily agree to disagree ( an art form I have a feeling will come in handy in most adult lives here in a few days once this election is over). All of this was a good reminder that we must continue to work on our relationships forever. I mentioned tonight to the girls that if we treasure our family, we must work out our issues and spend more time enjoying what each family member brings to the collective table. Hope this helps start the week off right. It looks to be a doozy of a week with all the running around and soccer tournaments and election stuff. I will be eating a lot of ice cream this week to cope with my non-stop action--- feel free to drop in for some anytime.