Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Why is it at this time of year I am always longing for new curriculum and start thinking about next year? Is it that I don't wish to finish what we have started? Are we bored with winter and the indoor captivity? I am trying to use this time to include some pre-Spring activities like starting seedlings for our garden, ordering chickens in the next week or so I hope, and ordering a few things to inspire me to finish this year's stuff in preparation for next school year.

Denali has finished Singapore 5a and b. She finished Wordly Wise Grade 5. She is half way through History Odyssey Ancients Level 2. She takes the Latin 1 Exam at the beginning of March. We are awaiting test scores from the DUKE TIP Explore test. And this week she is currently taking the ITBS. So I have high hopes that around April I will have found confidence that once again our school year has been successful, we will finish all the necessary work and even some unplanned stuff.

Bryn has finished her Wordly Wise Grade 2 and is well on her way to finishing both her math books early. This is great because her reading has improved so much that we can tackle a few harder things this summer without the struggle. Her spelling is her weak suit too ( how is that possible considering how many different programs I have used for the two older ones and the fact that we have phonics daily?????) but I have always considered spelling a forgivable weakness in light of spell check.

Keelin is doing much better, especially with her sight words. She completed her 1a math in Singapore this week. She is not reading comfortably yet, but I imagine it will all fall into place by the summer. I am considering more audio books with the hardback to follow along with.

Considering all the sickness and fevers this week, we are hanging in there, but I am ready for warm weather and a chance to move outdoors and sit on the porch to do school. It would make the little guy much happier to roam while we learn.