Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Year

I promised myself I would keep this blog up about school. It became about very little school. So I will try again.

Denali just took the Duke Explore test on Sat. She seemed to think it was hard. She took it with a few friends and that was the consensus. It is an 8th grade test after all. She has almost completed her 5b Singapore which means it is time to order another book. She is still enjoying history with the new program and seems to have a better grasp on the Ancient World than I do. Her Latin is improving daily and she will take the Latin 1 Exam in March. She is never tested at home so while it seems like a lot of testing- it is not. She has a great attitude about testing- realizing it is just for the sake of being able to test your memory. I am proud of her work ethic. She is also getting the opportunity to play on a select travel team this spring. She is beyond excited and once I figure out what to do with four kids on the soccer field three days a week, I will be set. Actually I am glad, it forces us to do PE.

Bryn is still doing great in Math. She just gets it, like my sister. She is also beginning to find joy in helping Keely. Her reading has improved so much that she enjoys reading aloud to me. She never would do this when she stumbled on her words. her handwriting is also improving. Now that she is aware of her hypoglycemia, she is starting to take better care of it. We are still struggling with her protein. She needs more than just the average bear. Her Latin is slow in coming.

Keelin would like a teacher by her side all day. Well than - who would not? She is learning the art of moving on and coming to back to problems when I can help her. She is going to spend next week working on her numbers. She can add and subtract but can not write them correctly. I am aware this is developmental but still- we must work on it. I would like her to begin addition wrap ups as well. Her handwriting is improving. She too loves logic problems of all kinds. She is confident when reading her sight words or Bob books. Otherwise she seems to forget she has a two years o phonics and does not want to attempt to sound things out. She also loves to color ( especially with markers that bleed on to everything :)).

Keaton just turned two and is putting words together so that we may understand him. Now that we understand him, he is rightfully angry when we do not cooperate. Mainly our days go like this-
Keaton- OOOT IDE
Mom- You would like to go outside?
K- nods solemnly
M-It is 22 degrees- let's wait until this afternoon
K- OOT IDE!!!! repeat 25 times, goes gets hat, shoes, gloves
M- I have not had tea yet.
K- Cries until 11 when it is warm enough to go outside.

My days are getting more scheduled and we tend to stay on track when this happens. I order the chickens in Feb. We are going to need to build this coop here soon. Looking for free wood but it may just have to be purchased. I am running/walking with Jen and demonstrating my belief that you should keep healthy through physical exercise (which has not been my top priority lately). I have been reminded COUNTLESS times in the last two weeks how great the price of health is and how we all become complacent about it until it is compromised. I resolve to change that this year. I am knitting and taking a little time for myself this year so I do not lose myself in the kids. We are going to travel a little less and enjoy being at home for more than just a to-do list. I am looking forward to spring, a garden, my chickens, and a little bit of country life here in the middle of the city.

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GBK Gwyneth said...

That's me. Traveling too much and at home just long enough to conquer the "to do" list....