Thursday, August 13, 2009

Homeschool changes in 2009

Our plan this year has drastically changed as the kids are getting older and more is expected of them and me. I went to Expo with Abbey and our plan this year is to school together Tuesdays and Thursdays while maintaining the same rough schedules on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from the comfort of our own homes. My kids are so excited that they wish to begin school tomorrow but alas, the teachers are not quite ready.

Curriculum choices are as follows:

Denali: Grade 6
History Odyssey Level 2 Middle Ages
Easy Grammmar- Daily Grams Grade 7
Daily Math Grade 7
Algebra 1
Lightning Literature 7
Latin (4th year of this)
Critical thinking Book 1, and a few extra logic books for fun
World Geography coloring book
Meet the Masters for Art, and Calvert Dvds
So You Really Want to Learn about Science
Thames and Kosmos Science kit
Living Memory Book
Spelling Workout G
Famous Men of the Middle Ages

Bryn: Grade 3
Spelling workout D
Easy Grammmar 3/4
Little House on the Praire study guide (books will change throughout the year)
Singapore 3A and 3B
Horizon book 3
Logic- Primarily Logic and Brain Benders
Science- same as Denali
Story of the World Book 2
Living Memory Book
Geography coloring book
Writing with Ease Book 2

Keelin: Grade 1

Explode the Code
Writing with ease book 1
Singapore 2A and 2B
Horizons Book 1
Geography coloring book
Living Memory book
Story of the World book 2
Logic games
Science - same as others but mostly drawing what she observes
Listening/ particiapting in Literature discussions after hearing the book read aloud

We are even packing lunches to be eaten at the dining table, using a bell to change classes but I have drawn the line at agreeing to bathroom passes! Looking forward to our first day Sept. 8th.

Hoping to keep the blog up better during the school year.


Kat said...

I wondered if you were going to get back to blogging!

After being convinced that I had too much for Katie to do...and now that she is finished by noon...I am wondering what else I might give her to do. Of course it all might change when we add Algebra I into the schedule in September.

I think the next time I plan, I'll just expect her to get more done...and not take two or three days to complete an assignment!

Marie said...

Hi! I was wondering if you could share with me how you combine History Odyssey and Veritas Press cards. This is what we will be studying next year and when I compare the titles from each I can't seem to get them to line up much at all! Granted, I don't have the materials yet, just the chapter/card titles.... Thanks.
Marie (in WA state)